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Are you in search of a financially free lifestyle filled with personal growth and well-being?



Everything my husband and I owned went into buying a Ski Lodge B & B after our nutrition company was taken over by venture capitalists. I believed we found our way to financial freedom while also being able to indulge in one of our favorite pastimes; imagining a world of skiing every day, being pampered by the staff and living the good life...what were we thinking?


Instead, the reality was 24/7 making beds, cooking breakfast and cleaning the dreadful toilets. Bills were piling up and I couldn't see more than a month ahead, let alone 5 years. The big bold leap made in purchasing the ski lodge suddenly did not seem so bright and shiny.


One day, Phil hit his head on the sink while scrubbing one of the bathroom floors. When he stood up he said "I didn't recognize the man in the mirror wearing yellow rubber gloves and holding toxic cleaner." That's when he asked me "what has happened to us and our dreams?" That was the moment when we knew, there's got to be a better way!

If you are serious about making a change in your life, you need the right vision and the right tools to accomplish the task. Timing is critical.
In today’s uncertain economic climate it is more important than ever to align with truth, integrity and win/win relationships. Since 1996 we have mentored individuals who have a desire to succeed.
If you have that same desire, we can teach and mentor YOU to realize YOUR dreams through improved health and financial freedom.

There is a better way and we found it!

Imagine having the time to travel, entertain and be with your loved ones.
​Imagine feeling the confidence to try out new skills with the support of mentors.
Imagine being a part of a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs.
Imagine having the energy and health of your youth.
Imagine having the freedom to wake up when you finish sleeping.
Imagine your life being 100+ years filled with health, vitality and prosperity!
This, and so much more is available to you.
Phil hitting his head on the bathroom sink was probably the best thing that could have happened to us. It was our wake up call. What we were doing was not sustainable.
At the time, both in our 40's with 3 young boys and the future we saw looked like hard work. I know my family was given a gift on that day and it inspired us to search for a better way!!
What I found is something very special that has given us the financial freedom and the kind of health we were dreaming about and we want to share it with you. It's a sustainable business, one that gives you the time freedom to truly live. My husband and I have now been building this business for 20+ years and are living proof of the many benefits it has to offer.
Let us inspire you to also enjoy the lifestyle we enjoy!
Opt in to learn more, you have nothing to lose!
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